Saturday, March 21, 2009

Roses For A Friend

Every once and a while you should take the opportunity to send something to a friend, just to say thanks for being you, my friend or do something for a perfect stranger, just to make them have a happy day. A random act of kindness or RAK doesn't require much, just a simple thought or gesture. My 1st RAK of 2009 is a painted bag, for a friend, who has lent their ear to mine on more than one occasion, who has made others smiled with a kind word ... who I decided to send this bag as a simple Thank You for being My Friend.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Medleys

Finishing What I Start
I have been in the process of finishing projects from recent seminars that I have taken because I love the pieces and the main reason for taking the seminars, was to finally have my own painted works around my home. These 3 pieces, I painted in seminars at a wonderful tole shop in Northern Virginia, The Apple Tree.
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Give a Little Of Your Heart
I have been painting for the Memory Box program since 2002. The Memory Box Program was started in 1998. Hand painted paper mache boxes are donated to local hospitals to give to parents who have lost their infants.

It eventually evolved from the 2 women who started it, Tera Leigh and her mother Marie Gemmil, into artists from all over the world, from the beginner to the very experienced donate their time and talent to ensure boxes are delivered to various participating hospitals throughout the world.

When I learned of this program, I knew I had to be a part of it.

Recently, Tera Leigh and Marie Gemmil retired from running the program, and now Tolefriends has picked up the torch for this worthwhile program.

This is a worthwhile cause for ANY artist, who would like to donate a box for hospital infant bereavement programs in and around the US. For more info, go to:

I just completed the Black Angel Folk Art boxes below, and they are only a sampling of the many boxes I have painted as my contributions to The Memory Box Program, my way of giving back.

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It is always bittersweet doing these, because of the reason for them�and unfortunately, there are always families in need of one, that have lost a child. Let us hope that maybe one day, the demand for Memory Boxes won't be as great as it is today.