Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quick and Easy Santa

Handmade Collective Group

Meet some of the artists on the Handmade Collective Group!!...and take note of all the websites in the directory - lots of wonderful places to shop for the upcoming holidays. HandmadeCollective LookBook

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painting Faces - My Diary of Faces Class with Sharon Tomlinson

2012 was the year for me to really push myself in my desire to paint faces - to REALLY be able to look at a photo or portrait painting and capture something as realistic as I can - moving away from the whimsy. I signed up for Sharon Tomlinson's Diary of Faces class - and I've been so happy with the material and my progress. This is a very intense class - and not only have I pushed myself with my renditions of portraits - but I've learned so much about other artists here and abroad. There are a wealth of artists to learn from ... and long after this class is finished, I will continue studying these artists works.

My interpretation a painting by Norway artist Christian Krohg:

My interpretation of a painting by New Zealand artist Charles Goodies:
My interpretation of a painting by Italian artist Giovanni Boldini:
My interpretation of a painting by Bulgarian artist Georgi Mashev:
Weeks 5 through 7 in my journal:
My interpretaion of a painting by South African artist Irma Stern:
My interpretation of a pen and ink doodle by English artist Madge Gil :
My interpretation of a painting by Polish artist Wladyslaw Slewinsky:
My interpretation of a painting by Australian artist George Coates:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Give Away Time!!!

I am the feature of the October Monthly Artist Interview on the Merry Whatever blog! Drop by and sign up to win my Giveaway prize ... and then stop by Wymzee Art Friends Blog and read my story