Saturday, February 8, 2014

Soul Food 2014 - What A Journey So Far - Lesson 1

Sometimes, the best way for me to shake off the doldrums creatively, is to step far outside my comfort zone and embrace other forms of art.

Mystele's Soul Food 2014 art course is just the ticket. Though I've been sidelined with severe bronchitis, I've been able to play catch up and enjoy the ride with Mystele, Heather, Jeanette and their merry band of sous chefs on this artful journey.

Lesson 1 with Mystele

This lesson called for a gelli plate - which I do not have, nor do I have the money to purchase one ... but I do have an old acrylic mousepad that is almost the exact consistency of the popular gelli plate:

Wasn't sure how I'd like it, but I was able to complete my first lesson ... a little rusty, not as good as Mysteles - but it was fun!