Sunday, November 30, 2008

Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies

This weekend I tried my hand at making cards. For the past 4 years - yes, FOUR YEARS - I've been "collecting" all the beautiful papers, gadgets, brads, ribbons, inks ... all to make scrapbook pages.

Nope, nada - I didn't like it. I preferred digital photos and didn't like cutting up my pics - even if they were copies. But, I STILL bought the supplies, thinking well...maybe ... maybe I'll try again.

Free Image Hosting at ATCs!!!..I entered a couple of swaps, loved the fact that I could use the scrapbook supplies for the ATCs ... and then this weekend, I spent Sat and Sun just making cards and doing some ATCs. Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at What fun I had ... and what a mess I made!!LOL

Free Image Hosting at But, I took some old suitcases that I bought from EBAY a couple of years ago, and intended on painting - but found they were perfect for storing all those scrapbooking supplies I've accumulated.

Free Image Hosting at Also, I picked up a wonderful set of chip board boxes - they will be painted one of these days, trust me - and put away the rest of my supplies. These boxes are so nice, and make everything so much easier to store my supplies right out in the open.

That's it for now, hope you got some ideas for storing some of those paper craft supplies you have hidden all around the house!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heidi England Seminars

One more this Sunday from my latest seminars!

What type of painter are you? Panty Folder?...have to paint in the lines, follow the instructions to the letter?...have everything just like the artist? Or do you throw caution to the wind?...change the color scheme, add different things to make it your own?

Well, if you love to throw caution to the wind try Heidi England. When I first saw Heidi's work, I knew I had to paint with this artist - because I love the folkart style. I love art that tells a story, that identifies with not just a period in time - but the story that also ties in directly with the artist. For me, Heidi's work did just that, and I knew that I wanted to paint with her.

Heidi lets you make your piece your own. I've changed hair textures and skin colors painting her patterns, to fit in with my own culture and my own home - and she encourages it and more. Here are some slide shows of previous seminars that I have taken with Heidi:

Shades Of Green Cabinet Seminar, Oct 2008

Hiedi England Shades Of Green Cabinet

Jack Sprat Cabinet, March 2008

Hiedi England Jack Sprat Cabinet

Italian Country Table, October 2007

The Apple Tree_Heidi England Seminar _Oct 11-14 2007_Springfield, VA

Rooster Cabinet Class!!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!! I am always inspired by those of you that share through your blogging, and I've promised my fellow blogger Sandra (BabyCake Speaks), that I will be a better blogger - so here goes!!

My most recent class was a rooster cabinet class - the designer is Michele Walton who lives in Utah. The class was taught by Carolyn Spencer at the Apple Tree Tole Shop in Springfield, VA.

When I saw this piece - I was hooked. Loved the colors, and had to paint this! My goal through my painting, is to learn as much as I can from other artists - especially the different techniques, and to incoporate what I have learned with my own designs and painting. I want a home that truly reflects ME. Funky, eclectic and original!!

Take a peek at what we did in class!

Michele Walton Rooster Cabinet

What I've been up to....

Let me see .. it has certainly been a while since I have updated my blog. Since my last post, I've driven across country with my family from VA to Oregon - and what a beautiful country we live in! It was really inspiring, not just artistically, but just to see this country up close and in person - it gave me a new perspective on so many things. People for the most part were friendly, and welcoming - it was a great experience.

Views From Oregon: Crater Lake_07272008

Now, I guess you're asking yourself - why Oregon? Well, Jamie Mills Price is in Oregon and anyone that is familiar with the beautiful detailed whimsical snowmen, gingers and Santa's by Jamie Mills Price of Between The Vines, knows how well worth it one of her seminars were. I say WERE, because Jamie held her last seminar in Oregon this past summer - so if you want to catch Jamie now, you'll have to go to HOOT (a painting convention in Ohio). Here is the seminar that I drove across country to be at, with Jamie and the rest of the Viners:

Jamie Mills Price Seminar, July 2008

Jamie Mills Price Seminar July 2008

And this is from the first time I met Jamie in person, last summer. My web buddy Elaine and I flew to Oregon, along with her sister Audrey to paint with Jamie - and we had so much fun. It was a blast finally meeting Jamie in person after years of seeing her online and corresponding with her via email and web lists:

Jamie Mills Price Seminar, August 2007

Jamie Mills Price Seminar Aug 2007

My First Visit to Oregon, August 2007:

Views From Oregon, Aug 2007