Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I've been up to....

Let me see .. it has certainly been a while since I have updated my blog. Since my last post, I've driven across country with my family from VA to Oregon - and what a beautiful country we live in! It was really inspiring, not just artistically, but just to see this country up close and in person - it gave me a new perspective on so many things. People for the most part were friendly, and welcoming - it was a great experience.

Views From Oregon: Crater Lake_07272008

Now, I guess you're asking yourself - why Oregon? Well, Jamie Mills Price is in Oregon and anyone that is familiar with the beautiful detailed whimsical snowmen, gingers and Santa's by Jamie Mills Price of Between The Vines, knows how well worth it one of her seminars were. I say WERE, because Jamie held her last seminar in Oregon this past summer - so if you want to catch Jamie now, you'll have to go to HOOT (a painting convention in Ohio). Here is the seminar that I drove across country to be at, with Jamie and the rest of the Viners:

Jamie Mills Price Seminar, July 2008

Jamie Mills Price Seminar July 2008

And this is from the first time I met Jamie in person, last summer. My web buddy Elaine and I flew to Oregon, along with her sister Audrey to paint with Jamie - and we had so much fun. It was a blast finally meeting Jamie in person after years of seeing her online and corresponding with her via email and web lists:

Jamie Mills Price Seminar, August 2007

Jamie Mills Price Seminar Aug 2007

My First Visit to Oregon, August 2007:

Views From Oregon, Aug 2007

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Sandra said...

Well I can see now why we have not heard from you so much...missed you...that could keep anyone busy as a beaver.
Love the work. Looks like she had a fun class also.
Keep learning...I hae never taken a class. Been to chicken....LOL
As you know I wing it...always have. I draw the doodle and make it whatever I want, kind of why I decided to sell my doodles. Let folks see what they could make them become. So far so good.
See how different they would look from my painting.
Glad you are enjoying the classes. And glad you joined the swap.
I will contact you on Dec 1st.
Happy Thanksgiving sweetie.