Sunday, November 30, 2008

Organizing Your Scrapbook Supplies

This weekend I tried my hand at making cards. For the past 4 years - yes, FOUR YEARS - I've been "collecting" all the beautiful papers, gadgets, brads, ribbons, inks ... all to make scrapbook pages.

Nope, nada - I didn't like it. I preferred digital photos and didn't like cutting up my pics - even if they were copies. But, I STILL bought the supplies, thinking well...maybe ... maybe I'll try again.

Free Image Hosting at ATCs!!!..I entered a couple of swaps, loved the fact that I could use the scrapbook supplies for the ATCs ... and then this weekend, I spent Sat and Sun just making cards and doing some ATCs. Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at What fun I had ... and what a mess I made!!LOL

Free Image Hosting at But, I took some old suitcases that I bought from EBAY a couple of years ago, and intended on painting - but found they were perfect for storing all those scrapbooking supplies I've accumulated.

Free Image Hosting at Also, I picked up a wonderful set of chip board boxes - they will be painted one of these days, trust me - and put away the rest of my supplies. These boxes are so nice, and make everything so much easier to store my supplies right out in the open.

That's it for now, hope you got some ideas for storing some of those paper craft supplies you have hidden all around the house!

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Sandra said...

And see what that mess producted...LOL
Great storing ideas...Good for you.