Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Get Aways - I'm Out

Last summer I drove across country from New Jersey to Oregon. It was an adventure and one that I hope to repeat again next summer. destination - a painting seminar in Oregon with a wonderful artist named Jamie Mills Price. This was my second summer painting with Jamie in Oregon ... and sadly last summer was her last I **HAD** to be there. It was 15 days of fun and my son and sister were along for the ride.

I love road trips, and along with my son, I've driven up to Rhode Island, down to Tennessee ... always making sure that my son is with me. I want my son to realize that the Washington DC area isn't the only place in this country. I want him to see the United States - and to me - you just can't beat a road trip for learning about America. I believe we all take this country for granted, and everyone is always so ready to hop on a plane to the islands, or to Europe ... but I say know your own backyard first...but that is just me.

This summer...we are headed to Florida - to Disney World of course. My son and I went a couple of years ago, but we flew with family members..and it was a short trip - 2 days. I vowed to return and knew that I would be driving. So this week, my son and I hit the road again...and I can't wait. There is something about a road trip in the summer ... that just screams Summer Getaway.

So...whether you are flying to that favorite island of yours, driving to that favorite destination...or staying home this year and enjoying the peace and quiet of home ... enjoy your Summer Getaways. Life is too short not to take one.