Friday, April 27, 2012

The Last Days ....

Where is the time going?'s already the last weekend in April!!! If I have been scarce, it's because I have been on Mommy Duty full-time with my son on the Lacrosse team for our county. These days I am driving to practices, games and gyms - watching my boy slowly turning into a young man.
..and I'm suddenly realizing that in 4 short years - he'll be out of high school and off into the world of young adulthood. SO while I am still working full time, still painting, still exploring ... I am also making sure to NOT miss the sunset of my time with him where I get to see him 24/7 ... the time will fly by quickly....and I don't plan on missing a thing.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coffee Grinder In Progress

I decided to bite the bullet and start painting this unique surface. While I don't have a particular design in mind right now ... I DO know the look and colors I want to use.
I used Jo Sonja Background color Primrose to basecoat surface. After I let it dry, I sanded lightly with a piece of Super Film.
When I am working on faux finish effects in my head, I normally play around a bit on my palette. I used Jo Sonja Kleister Medium, instead of regular glaze medium. Kleister Medium has a longer open time than glazing medium.
This is probably the EASIEST of faux finishes to achieve. I took a generous amount of Jo Sonja Kleister Medium and applied to surface. Then, taking the sea sponge, I double loaded Jo Sonja Red Earth and Jo Sonja Yellow Cadium ... and pounced the entire surface, twisting my hand as I pounced, until I achieved the look I wanted.
I love these colors, and love Tuscan colors in the kitchen and for kitchen accessories. You can add more Jo Sonja Cadium Yellow to brighten it up...or more Jo Sonja Red Earth to deepen ... the choice is yours.


Ever purchased something and "saved" it for later? When I bought this unique piece from artist and designer Phylis Tilford about 6 years ago ... I fell in love with it - but at the time I fell my painting skills weren't up to par. So I "saved" it for later....then promptly LOST it!!LOL Fast forward to today ... I find it ... and immediately wish I would have purchased at LEAST 2 of these! The craftsmanship of this piece is wonderful. I almost want to believe I can actually use it, as the grinder part is fully functional. So ... woulda, coulda, shoulda ... I only have one of these ... and I am not going to post it on ETSY ... I'm going to have to keep this one. I should have bought two!!...sigh

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

If you have some time today, get a cup of your favorite brew and peruse the artistry and craftsmanship of some wonderful artists around the web. On the New Handmade Collective, there is a wonderful sweepstakes going on - lots of goodies to be had!!
So make sure you CLICK HERE and enter to win. Also, over on the Merry Whatever blog, tons of talented artists are offering up wonderful pieces of art ... with Mother's Day approaching, you'd be giving a very unique and beautiful gift!
And last but not least, a new group I came across- Etsy Artists of Color who also offer a fabulous selection of goodies on ETSY.