Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rooster Cabinet Class!!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!! I am always inspired by those of you that share through your blogging, and I've promised my fellow blogger Sandra (BabyCake Speaks), that I will be a better blogger - so here goes!!

My most recent class was a rooster cabinet class - the designer is Michele Walton who lives in Utah. The class was taught by Carolyn Spencer at the Apple Tree Tole Shop in Springfield, VA.

When I saw this piece - I was hooked. Loved the colors, and had to paint this! My goal through my painting, is to learn as much as I can from other artists - especially the different techniques, and to incoporate what I have learned with my own designs and painting. I want a home that truly reflects ME. Funky, eclectic and original!!

Take a peek at what we did in class!

Michele Walton Rooster Cabinet

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Sandra said...

Well you did just wonderful...on that post...Now see you can do it...
Remember to stop by my blog and email me you address for the swap...When my computer crashed I lost your email.
See ya