Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maya Road Surprise In July

WOW!!!!...what a way to kick off the first day in July, but to receive a nice surprise from Maya Road!! While perusing blogs one morning, someone posted about a grab bag deal that Maya Road had - you pay around 40-50 bucks and get a box of things that they have on clearance. They pack the box for don't know what is coming. I am sorry to say I really forgot what blogger posted their goodies...but I have to say THANK YOU!!!!...cause I took the plunge too..and look what I got!!!
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And MORE!!
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I took pics of the back, so you can see the names of all this stuff. I'm still pretty new to paper crafts, so I can only describe this as JACKPOT!!!LOL

Much love and a lot of thanks to my fellow blogger - so sorry I can't remember your name!!! - who gave the heads up about this awesome sale at Maya Road.

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TanishaRenee said...

awesome stuff! I ordered the one from pink paislee before seeing the one from MR.