Monday, May 27, 2013

No More Swaps For Me

I recently participated in a swap, creating something a little more labor intensive than I normally do .. a fabric journal. It was fun, intimidating...but in the end - I was so proud of myself for having created something so totally different.

Well .. I filmed it for posterity ... put some nice little goodies in there...and mailed it off.

I waited in anticipation for what my partner would come up with.

Now, I knew she would be a little late, as we had exchanged some very pleasant emails ... both of us were running a bit behind - busy schedules ... but all was well...we'd be mailing our packages out a week after the posted due date.

Nothing. I sent an "Hey Hiya Doin'" email...nothing. Finally, I had to let the swap coordinator know .. I mean, maybe something happened to her? Nothing. I looked on the site to see if she was posting somewhere...Nothing.

Surprisingly .. I wasn't even angry. But what surprised me...I was incredibly sad...and disappointed....and done. I think I have just reached the point of no return with these swaps. I KNOW people have things come up in their lives.. goodness knows, I do. But it's just the inconsiderate aspect of it all.

This isn't the first time I have been burned .. but it is the last time I will be burned. My advice to those who do this ... if you have no intention on following through - don't swap. If life is a little too hectic and you are not sure that you will be able to fulfill your end of the swap - don't swap.

So ... this is it for me. I will continue to craft, scrap, sew, paint ... and as much as I love receiving goodies and such from my fellow creative sisters ... I don't enjoy putting my heart and soul into projects...swaps ... to be left wondering...What Happened?


Staci said...

I hear you. I have been in swaps where I received nothinf from some people or it looks like the work was thrown together at the last second. I don't expect perfection of course because I'm far from perfect but effort means a lot.

Sharon Sutton said...

Knowing how creative your work is , so sorry you got a slacker as a partner. Don't let anyone still your joy of crafting or anything else in your life.