Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quick and Easy ...and Cheap - Recycled Packing Boxes

Hello Everyone! School is finally out here in Northern Virginia, the weather is breaking .... and I am in a cleaning mood. For me, it's not just the clutter I see's the fact I have nothing to put things in - and my space and funds are limited.

Previously, I'd begun to purchase the Rubbermaid tubs and plastic drawers when they were on sale ... but even a good sturdy set of plastic drawers - is still between 15-25.00 ... and I don't know about you - but that van still put a dent in my pocket, considering I need a lot of storage options!

Soooo ... the other week I was inspired to try something with some Amazon boxes I was getting ready to cut down and put away (I can't seem to throw away a good cardboard box!). I'd been in Target, and saw some funky shelf liners ... and I figured - why not? The worst that could happen was I make a mess of it ... and I'd throw it in the bottom of a closet somewhere. Though what I REALLY wanted, was some inexpensive - but nice looking storage boxes that I could keep out, hide my clutter in plain sight, so to speak.

Gather Your Supplies:

Grip Prints by Contact - 5.24 per roll

Scotch White Glue - 4.79


Get a Sturdy Box:

It only took 20 minutes, and not a lot of cutting to glue the shelf liner to the box...and VOILA!!

Now, I'm keeping my boxes simple ... . because I am going to stack them on bookshelves, on top of each other in corners, etc ... so I want them to all look uniform - and remain stackable....but you see where I'm going? I'm not spending a lot of money ... I'm using what I already have - and the shelf liner is a lot sturdier - at least to me - than the regular contact paper. Also - it's not so fancy that I am afraid to "mess it up" ... but in the end... it is for storage.

Hope this helps someone out there ... because if you have ever looked at the nice storage options - they still are a little pricey ... and life is too short to spend all your money ...for anything!!!...Enjoy the rest of your week.

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