Monday, March 17, 2008

Decorative Painting and Trash to Treasure

Looking for a way to bring new life to something? Give it a fresh coat of paint and it becomes brand new again.

Look around your home - you will see plenty of great surfaces. Trash cans, clay pots, even old lamps have the potential to become tomorrows treasure. Even beginners can make manage to take what is old and make it new again. Getting started isn't as hard as you may think. There are many great paints out there to give you various looks and to help you get started.


Krylon Paint manufactures a line of spray paints for plastic called Fusion paints. These paints go on wonderfully smooth and can either be left alone, or applied as a basecoat. Regular acrylic paints go on beautifully. Finish with a brush on sealer, and you have something fabulous.

Look around your home - trash cans, light switches, flower pots ... they all have the potential to be painted and used as a wonderful decorative accessory.


This surface is always fun. If you have a piece that is already painted or varnished, you'll have to rough up the surface before painting. This is to give *tooth* and something for the paint to adhere to. You can use sandpaper, or even liquid sandpaper (go to your local hardware store). After you have sanded your piece, apply a water based primer such as Kilz - let dry - and apply the color of your choice.

For wood pieces that will be outside, remember to apply at least 3 to 5 coats of an exterior varnish to protect your piece from the elements.

Glass and Mirrors

My favorite surface is glass. There are wonderful glass paints out there such as Folkart Enamels, Decoart Glossies, Liquitex Glossies and Pebeo paints. All 3 brands make painting on glass and even mirrors a lot of fun. What a wonderfully inexpensive way to make a boring plain surface new again.

So look around your home and before you toss something out into the trash consider adding a fresh coat of paint - you never now - you may get hooked on painting trash to treasures!

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