Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Painting On Soap

Sometimes its all in the deatils. Ever heard that expression? Well, it's true. Painting on soap is one of those inexpensive things that painters and crafters can do for quick sales and quick gifts.

Decorative artists have a saying. If it moves - we'll paint it! You'd be surprised at what you can paint on, if you look at it long enough! Below, are directions on how to prep and paint one of my favorite surfaces found around the house.


Buying unscented is best . I buy large bars at the local Dollar Store - 3 for a 1.00.

Unpack the soap, lay it out on a paper towel. Clean the topside with a cotton ball and alcohol, wiping the tops of the smooth side. Be careful not to handle the top or get prints or oil on it.

Air dry one day. Smooth side up.

Brush on 1 coat of Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer on the smooth side while still in tray.

Let dry 1 day.

Use regular Acrylic paints, paint your pattern.

Let dry in tray 1 day.

Spray top coat of Krylon 1311 matte or gloss finish if you prefer on painted top of soap.

Spray lite coats, letting each coat dry before applying another.

Let dry 1 day.

Soap is now ready to pack in baggies, plastic wrap, or boxes for protection. Ready to be given as gifts or used.

The pattern will remain on the soap, as you use the soap from the bottom on your wash cloth, and pattern remains on top till soap is gone.

Painted soap is great to give in seasonal sets, put in gift baskets or sell at craft fairs for quick sales. However you give them or sell them - have fun painting them.

Happy Painting!

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A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Keni ...You just taught me how to paint on soap...I may give it a try. Very well done.
Thanks so much.
Now go to my blog and get you surprise ... read the 1st post you see.
Hugs Sandra