Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrate Spring ATCs

I still don't know sometimes if I have the hang of ATCs. I have seen beautiful ATCs made with stamps and bits and pieces of paper and ribbon ... beautiful images that make me oooh and ahhhh.

Then it's my turn.

Maybe I need a theme? ... I don't know, but when left to my own devices with blank ATCs - the doodler in me is strong. I like to put swirls and dots and hearts and simple flowers on paper ... all over the place. My mother tells a story about sitting in her kitchen, thinking about me after I had just left for college ... and she looked at the wall by the phone ... and on a small piece of paper hung one of my doodles that she'd found. "Back then", when I was in my teens, there were no cell phones and cordless phones were too much money! The kitchen phone with the 100 foot twisted cord was all there was!...and I can't htink of how many days I'd sat in the kitchen on that phone, yakking and doodling.

So in the spirit of a doodler, my latest ATCs which are to be Celebrate Spring!, were born. Materials used were 2 pieces of blank watercolor paper, a pencil, pearlescent chalks for the background, a black sharpie, H20 Twinkling pots to add the bursts of color, and a bottle of Sticklies for that textured glitter in the hearts.Free Image Hosting at

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Joystamper said...

When I started ATC it took me alittle while to get the hang of it. There are all types. You can go to Michaels where there is magazines on ATC. Try out some ATC SWAPS. There are wonderful ideals and themes that you can follow.