Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mellow Yellow Card

Well, on the Art For The Creative Mind list, our swap for cards was Mellow Yellow. I am not a "pastel person", so the thought of thinking in terms of YELLOW were not easy,LOL.

I don't know how other folks lay out their cards, but I start with the cover, and then for me, it determines the rest.

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I don't lay out my colors or anything beforehand, because I don't really know what I am going to do...I like to let the designs of the papers guide me. It took a while to decide what to do to the inside, but I kinda like the idea of giving a little something extra and making things "useful"... so I added some cute tags ready for the recipient to play with.
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Tolegranny said...

It's just lovely Keni. Great colours for someone who doesn't care for pastels. I'm not a pastel person either. Hugs,

pam said...

Hi Keni,

I'm Elaine's daughter-in-law. I love your card!!! For someone who isn't crazy about pastels, you did and awesome job, and I love the pocket with the tags on the inside.

For me to get inspired, I have to drag out everything I own! I have three 6' tables here at the store. Sometimes they will be covered with inks, papers, stamps, and bits of this and that. My friend, who is a neat nick will come and say..."What in the world are you working on???" And if I'm lucky, 2-3 cards will come out of all that mess....haha!

Thanks for sharing your card!