Monday, November 16, 2009

A Question For All The Teachers Out There .....

... do you REALLY like the teacher gifts that your students/we parents give you?

I pose this question, because "Tis the Season to Start Teacher Giving" ... but I hesitate these days because of a small but pointed web exchange I read last year on one of my web lists.

Basically - the teachers hated the gifts.

I read the comments, first wryly ... because yeah, I can understand only being able to do so much with 25 Apple note card sets or mugs ... then sadly, because I know how much fun my son has picking out gifts for his teachers ... then I got angry, because I know how much fun my son has picking out gifts for his teachers.

I began noticing the PTA letters that came home, asking parents to forgo the "cutesy gifts" and send cash or gift cards for the teachers. Cash??? Okay - this irked me because while I understand teachers aren't paid much, that this cash comes in handy - is this REALLY what I tell my son? "No sweetie, we aren't making cookies this year and that hand painted mug - your teacher gets tons of those ... we're gonna give her money"

So ... I'm asking the teachers out there ... and please - be honest - are you sick and tired of the mugs, the pencils, the notepads (grin) ... is it really cold hard cash that you want?, I have my own idea of what my son and I are giving from now on, and I'll post a pic of it soon .,.. but in the meantime ...

Let me know.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Wow, interesting question and I'm curious to see the answers you get!
I'm not a teacher, so I can't really tell you the answer here.
Personally if I were told to give a gift card to a teacher because they didn't like all the 'crap' gifts, I'd rather donate a bag a doggie treats to the humane society in their name and tell them that in a nice handmade card or something. At least the homeless little furkids would LOVE the gesture and your son could have fun making something for his teacher:)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

as a elementary school librarian, I LOVE the gifts i receive--but i hear the talk around school where teachers are not so grateful that this student thought enuff of them to buy a gift form their lil' pockets--{make that their parents pockets}--i dont think gift cards should be given to teachers or staff members--times is hard for our parents here in ohio and i dont want them spending anything on me--HANDMADE is the way to go!!!