Monday, March 15, 2010

Heidi England Seminar This Week!!

I'm so excited that decorative artist Heidi England is coming to my local tole shop, The Apple Tree. This will be my fifth seminar with Heidi ... and I can't wait to paint this Santa! if any of you have a local tole shop in your area - please, please , PLEASE support it. I know it's easy to go online...or go cheaper at the big box stores ... but these big box stores are putting our precious Mom and Pops out of business. I try to take as many seminars at the Apple Tree as I can ... and Heidi is always fun.


Tolegranny said...

The Santa is adorable. I love painting's always been my favourite. Looking forward to seeing yours when you are finished. I agree about supporting mom & pop shops, unfortunately I didn't support them enough, they are all gone from around here.

Jan said...

I love this piece. Wish I could come down and paint it with you.

There are no paint stores around here anymore, I miss that.