Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prepping For Heidi Seminar

If I was to ever it the lottery - I mean a BIG lottery - I'd spend the rest of my days painting and going to every painting seminar that I could around the US. Alas, I haven't hit the lottery and I haven't quit my day job....BUT...what I am doing is prepping for Heidi's Twelve Merry Days seminar.

The Apple Tree is a wonderful tole shop in Northern Virginia, and I am so grateful for many tole shops are disappearing due to the influx of big box stores muscling out the little guys - THEN dropping all the paint supplies leaving us artists hanging.

The Apple Tree has wonderful wood pieces - and for this seminar, we are painting a 36 inch Santa.

The basecoat was easy to put on - I used a roller.

A good way to "save" your paint is to utilize those baggies! I wasn't sure if I would need more, so I just put the roller and the tray into a large baggie and left it on my paint table ... and after 2 days, it's still fresh.

..and because Susan is nice enough to let us come in early on Prep Night, I'll be finishing the rest of the prep this afternoon at the shop. I can't wait - love when Heidi comes to town!!!

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