Friday, February 15, 2013

If I Were A Man ....

Good Morning! I have been doodling, doodling, doodling. I refuse to call it zentangling, art journaling ... I'm just a doodler. Seems as though, when I formally set up sketchbooks, with the intention of "art journaling" - I draw a big ol' BLANK.

Sooooo ... I doodle.

I started a new job recently ... and had 2 interesting conversations with "one who is in charge" ... and it seems one of my new co-workers is "perturbed" that I do not "chit chat".


Was I SERIOUSLY being chastised for not participating in idle chit chat aka GOSSIP.

After the second "encouraging talk" ... of course ... I'm infuriated - and any inkling of wanting to talk has flown out the window. I am polite ... if they need me I respond ... but otherwise - I stay to myself.

So ... as I'm doodling and talking on the phone ... I see the words forming on the page.

"This wouldn't even be an issue if I were a man."

When is the last time anyone had a hissy fit, because a MAN didn't stop by their cube and say hello? Why is it that women are so ... so... insecure? catty? I don't get it.

I just want to come to work ... do my job ... and LEAVE.

If I were a man ... it wouldn't be an issue.

That is my story - and I'm sticking to it.:)

Have a great Weekend!

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Lori said...

Well said, KayTee! Women are gossip-mongers. I hear it all the time at work and just don't want to be involved. Matter of fact, I was blamed for starting a horrible rumor at work on a day that I wasn't even working!!!! If I were a man, this wouldn't have happened. TFS!