Monday, January 28, 2013

You Tube Videos - Do You Fast Forward?

Recently, I posted a video to an art group ... just a short clip showing how I paint skin tones ... and was advised that after 10 minutes, videos get boring. The advice to me was to utilize the fast forward option. I have to admit - I initially was insulted, taking the advice as a criticism, that I was boring!! ROFL But then ... I went back and thought about it ... and wondered if this were true? Now, I did go and delete the video from the group ... as I am still in the learning process myself ... and since bandwidth is also an issue for the site - I felt it was best to remove the 17 min clip. I thought about my favorite videos on You Tube ... the ones I watched more than once - and almost all of them do NOT fast-forward. As an artist, I do like to watch in real hear the artist speak as they are going through their creative process. Videos that have a lot of fast forwarding - at least for me - do not keep my interest .. as I can't really follow along at a pace that is comfortable for me to learn. I then realized, I film videos the way I like to watch real time. What about you guys? Do you fast forward your videos? Do you prefer to watch videos that rely more on speed up and less on real time? Would be interested in hearing the pros and cons from others.


Staci said...

I have only made one video. It was about 3.5 minutes. I do like the fast forward option because I really just like to look at the layouts, etc., not recreate or copy them.

Kay Tee said...

Thanks for your input Staci ... I am going to have to have to play around with this option. I really do see the PROs, after thinking about it a bit more.