Monday, January 14, 2013

Ten Minute Sketch

In the painting world, there are funny little expressions to describe us artists and our funny little quirks.

One expression that comes to mind, and hilariously defines many of us...are those that are called "panty folders". Panty folders are the artists that follow the rules. The right brand of paint ... the correct brush ... line drawings are a must ... no rule breakers there.

I don't know if I'm as rigid in my creating - as I try to wing it as much as possible ... but I do find myself falling into the trap of "looking for rules" ... How to to do it... how to ... when I think I lose the point of JUST CREATING.

So, I'm back to doing 10 minute sketches ever couple of days. No thought ... no plan...I just get-to-sketching as much as I can in 10 minutes. I'm happy to say I pleasantly surprise myself as to how much I sketch in 10 minutes ... trying not to put too much though into it either.

Here's to "Just Winging It" in 2013.

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