Friday, March 29, 2013

Quick and Easy ...and CHEAP Desk Set for the Office

I hate spending money for anything at the office - especially in an open cube environment. I have seen the strangest things "walk away" from people's cubes...mugs...bottles of lotion...etc And while I hate a barren cube - I also am NOT going to spend any real money trying to spiffy it up either.

So ... rifling through papers that I've never used ... I took 4 empty sugar containers out the recycling bin at work (only one is shown in the pic) ... and I had an empty Boca Java shipping box at home...and I turned this:

Into this:

EASY PEASY! :) Have a Great Weekend ... and Happy Easter.


Staci said...

What a fun and creative idea! TFS and have a great weekend!

Kay Tee said...

Thanks Staci! :)