Monday, February 1, 2010

Leftovers - putting Those Papers To Good Use

Call me what you want - packrat, craft hoarder, clutter nut ... but I can't just throw perfectly good pieces of ANYTHING away. Last night I had so much trouble falling asleep, fighting a cold - I decided to take some paper scraps and cover some generic notebooks and pads.

Now, in my day job - I use lots of notebooks, pads, sticky notes - and I'm one of those in the office that buys her own supplies - cause I just like to be a little different.LOL

So, what better way for me to stand out a little more, than to cover those office standard pads that I use, by using up some leftover papers and other accoutrements.

I did one for my sister first, as I was chatting away with her on the phone. My sister is a Pastry Chef in Brooklyn..and she is always working on some fantastic little culinary delight.

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Then, because my sister and I are collaborating on some things that will combine both of our talents - I made one for myself:

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Still couldn't sleep .. so I dug through my purse and pulled out a little notebook that I have - a small Daily Journal that I write my thoughts, frustrations, ideas, anger, etc. The word that I chose for 2010 to concentrate on was Release ... so I came up with this:

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I didn't want to leave out the quirky, so I added that cute little cat to remind me not to take life so seriously. To Let It Go .... whatever it is that bothers me.

...and then, because I am always in some type of training class ... I had to do something with the ratty notebook I always keep copious notes in...

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...and I'm happy to say that just looking at the newly covered books using my scraps, brightens my day!!

Hmmmm...wonder if I can do anything with that ugly stapler??


Tolegranny said...

These are great Keni. I also noticed your blog button so I took it. Put it on my card blog. Thanks

Sandra said...

Now those are adorable...Top Secret...How cute !

LyndaV said...

Wonderful Kenny! Love 'em!