Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Sketchbook Challenge: Playing With Color Pencils

I have never been a fan of color pencils ... I have never been a fan of sketching ... but the 2012 Sketchbook Challenge is slowly but surely changing that. It's all about the comfort zones we find ourselves nestled in .... and creatively - I've been tip toeing out of mine.

Still sidelined with this sciatic nerve ordeal ... but found myself trying, once again to capture what was in my head onto paper using color pencils.

While working on my piece, titled Faith, it suddnely clicked with me why I didn't like using color pencils ... I'm so used to painting and knowing how to perfectly achieve the look - the BLENDED LOOKS - I love .... that not knowing how to achieve this with the pencils is very frustrating.

But like all things...practice makes perfect ... so here is my most recent attempt with color pencils:

Pencils: Derwent

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