Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Sketchbook Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone!!... I hope 2012 is treating everyone okay. For me, I'm starting off the New Year in pain .... a sciatic nerve in my back has sidelined me from painting, working ... can't do a lot of anything until I work this pain out.

Before my back acted up, I had decided to challenge myself this year and work on my sketching. The 2012 Sketchbook Challenge was just what I needed to challenge my skills.

For January, the challenge is simple doodling....something I do well ... or thought I did until I saw the entries!!WOW . but then I got a grip and decided to settle down. This isn't about other peoples's about here is what I did for the Free Doodling ... this was done before my back went out:

Since my back has gone out, I decided to really take the time - since I can't paint - to work on my sketching skills I pulled out my Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain Vol 1 ... and started going through some of the exercises:

Starting Point

Working it Through

Sketch Complete - not bad for my first go round!

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