Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Only Thing I Will Say About Tiger article asked what he could do to save his fame and popularity ...

My response:

I don't think he should do anything. I think he needs to take a good look at himself and WHY he did the things he did to destroy his marriage. Unlike the media, I don't think his life is over. I don't think what he did should be examined and judged by the entire world - and contrary to the belief of many of my friends - I think he can recover and add value to this world. I think Tiger has been headed down this path for prob most of his life, being held to such a high standard it seems from the time he stepped on to the stage at 4 on the Merv Griffin show with his father. When your parents push you and push their dreams onto you, and you carry their torch - where does it leave you? I think he's human, and I think it shouldn't matter about the fame or popularity that he is losing - I think he needs to save himself so he doesn't lose himself. I still think he has a lot that he can contribute to this world, beyond golf.

So much suffering in this world ... he is still luckier than most.


Sandy said...

YOu know I feel the same way, I feel much empathy for him because of what he must deal with now. If this is his dark night of the soul, then he can only come up from it at some point.

Brown English Muffin said...

I just don't understand why such a big "to do" wasn't made when David Letterman did the same thing...double standards whenever the media feels like it!!!