Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing With Polymer Clay

Like everyone else, I am looking for creative and unique ways to store things. One of the places in my house that is totally out of control - is of course - my craft area. My first instinct is always to go to the dollar store, Target or Walmart clearance aisles ... and now a new place to feed my creative hunger - Etsy. I neded a container for my growing collection of markers...but I also wanted that container to be different - and fitting my style of creative artistic eclectic and funky.

Well, while I'm pulling things out of corners and dusty boxes in my quest to organize - I see a bunch of polymer clay that I hadn't used in EONS!!! So of course, I get totally distracted and sit down and start playing with it before realizing that I had no time, no inspiration - yeah okay - NO CLUE as to what I was going to do with this hunk of clay in front of me. The Frugal Fannie in my=e refused to throw it away though, I mean come on, do ANY pack rats you know of just freely toss anything away??

...and then I got and AHA!! moment. I went under the sink and snatched a jar that was sitting in my I'm Going To Paint Something Fabulous On This box...and created the following:

I LOVED it...and my son gave it a big thumbs up. I know it probably looks funny, but to me, its unique - I didn't spend a dime - and it fits my criteria of creative artistic eclectic funky!~

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