Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chip Off The Momma Block

My son and I do a lot of things together. We exercise (Wii Fit), we cook (can't have my son not knowing how to cook his own food and do his own laundry) ... and we craft. My son has always been my little helper when it came to painting. He has basecoated projects for me and been my most honest critic. Now, as I dabble in paper he is always interested to see what I am doing ... and to my surprise, when he received 25.00 from his Uncle for doing so well with his music (he made area band this year)- he told me he NEEDED to make a Thank You card.

He had specifications though ... no flowers, no flowers, no flowers!!LOL Since he shares his love of the drums with my brother, he said he had to find something JUST RIGHT ... so off he went to look through my stamps.

...and look what he did!! I'm so proud of him.


Tolegranny said...

Ah.....Keni. That is wonderful. He did a fantastic job. Yes, it sure looks like he is a chip of the Momma block.

paintnputter said...

Keni, that is a great card. Looks like you have some "in-home" competiton . Tell him to keep up the good work.

Earla said...

Great job! Chip off the old "mama" block!

Serena said...

He did a great job! Like you, my 11 year old son and I enjoy doing a lof of things together. They will hopefully be wonderful memories for him when he's older ~ :)