Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards...Who Knew?

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Okay, I'm doing a swap and I text a pic to my sister, to show her my first batch of cards!!! now, I've made cards in the past - but they are normally trial by error and all of them always different. This time, for the swap I had to make them all the same.

Well anyway ... I text my sister to ask her if they need something else...and within minutes she is texting me back that she has an order for me...for 24 cards!!!

Whaaaaat? Who wants to buy my cards?

My sister texts me again and says - what do you mean?? I LOVE THEM!!! HOW MUCH??

Now I must admit, for a SPLIT second I was like...FUGGEDABOUT THOSE SWAP GALS!!!LOL...tee hee ..

I told my sister I can't sell them - and she texts back - Oh I know...but make up 24 more and my co-worker wants to buy them!!

Holy Moly - who knew?

here I was fretting about not being good enough to enter this swap with this talented bunch of ladies on Tiare's Scraps Of Color site ... PRAYING that my cards don't seem too "plain Jane"...and in Brooklyn, there is someone who wants to buy my stuff!!

So, this weekend, I will be whipping up some more cards - not exactly like the ones I did for the swap ... but with the same theme...and off they go!!

Who Knew?

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