Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mom, What Is A Typewriter?

A recent convo went like this between my son and his father.


"You know, back when I was young - we weren't so fortunate as to have video games, computers ...shoot - we were lucky to even have a typewriter!"

Our Son:

"A what??"

Complete silence, as I imagined the stunned look on my husband's face.

"Mom, what is a typewriter?"


I couldn't believe my son asked me that.

"Are you serious?" I asked.


Well ... I am not the world's biggest packrat for anything!!!! I've been lugging around my G'pa's old typewriter ... the one that my husband long since gave up begging me to sell on EBAY or Etsy.

I gave him that LOOK ... and he went to get it.

My son was SHOCKED!!LOL ... now I did explain that this thing was an antique ... that the one I used in college was more the norm of what we had "back in the day". My son was still fascinated that this thing even worked!!ROFL ... and he played with it for a good hour.

...I won't even tell you the hilarity that ensued when we showed him actual records and a record player which we had stored in the attic!!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Kenyatta,
Wow, you are really churning out some great pieces at the moment.

I love the card your son made, how sweet of him to thank his Uncle with a card. That doesn't happen often these days.

Lovely to hear you spend sooo much quality time with your son. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a well mannered, mature, independant man.
Warm hugs,

Serena said...

This is too funny, Kenyatta! We certainly do live in the electronics generation, don't we? How lovely that you had your Grandpa's typewriter to show your son and even nicer that he had fun playing with it. :)